Japan Wanderlust: Part 2

It has been awhile since I shared my story about visiting Japan in previous blog post. Sincerely sorry for the lack updates. Things have been a little tough at work. Now I would like to convey the rest of my story. Instead of only visiting Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, I also chose to visit Osaka and Kyoto with the hope of expanding my worldview.


The City. After two and a half hours shinkansen trip, I arrived in Osaka at last. It was less hustle than Tokyo. First impression? Most of the people I encountered exhibit kindness and amicability, not to mention the thoughtfulness. As nice as the people was, there was also adversity to find local with a fluent english. We once took a cab, driven by a local who could not speak english. Eventually, we both tried to decipher the destination we wished to go.

It is guarantee that visitors will end up strolling at Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, the reason why I rented a room nearby the neighborhood. Those are the places filled with wide choice of dine, shopping and entertainment. Dotonbori itself is the location of the iconic Glico man landmark, where most of tourists will surely queuing to photograph themselves. Besides those two touristy area, I also recommend you to visit Hep Five, an Osaka Umeda landmark with a giant red ferris wheel. Other than sightseeing, you could dine and shop (fyi, the price tags were pretty affordable).

The Food. Local specialties of Osaka would be Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, savoury pancake mixed with vegetables, shrimp, octopus or shrimp. There were myriad street food vendors in Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi selling the latter delicacies. You should try one or it will feels like you haven’t visit Osaka.

If you are a coffee person and cannot wake up without one, you will surely love Streamer Coffee Company to grab between your errands. Located in Shinsaibashi, it is easier for you to pass by, in lieu to your morning Starbucks while in Japan.

Shinsaibashi made breakfast easy too. There was a cafe called Eggs n’ Things specializes in pancakes, omelets and crepes. Just look at those fluffy pancakes bathed with plentiful whipped cream. It was the one that I could not resist.

While I strolled around Hep Five, I accompanied a friend who is a fan of Gudetama. Guess what? There was a restaurant with Gudetama theme there. She was beyond happy. Overall, my impressions were the branding was good but the foods were average. Should you are a fan, it will be fun to visit and dine.

Universal Studio. Say yourself is a fan of “the happiest place on earth” kind, Universal Studio Osaka is a must visit. I’ve had a really best time spending a whole day to explore the various theme park, albeit the freezing weather. It reached zero degree celcius in the evening. My friends and I are adrenalin junkies. Riding roller coaster repeatedly, even the extreme one, were never be the second option for us. My favorite theme park was Harry Potter. I loved Universal Studio even more for their late night dancing show and giant decorated christmas tree that glowed magically in the dark.



Kyoto’s charm of a cultural city really captivated me. I was comforted by its tranquility as well as its calming vibe. In our last day there, we chose to feel quietude by visiting Fushimi Inari Shrine and Kiyomizu-Dera.

Hope it helps to arrange your itinerary!


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