City of Cultural Savvy

I was in Special Region of Yogyakarta for a quick getaway during last Ied Holiday. I know it was not the best decision, as the city would be crowded by people who celebrate Ied in their hometown. For you who want to fully explore the city peacefully, you can choose the date on regular weekends or weekdays. However, I had minimum expectation before I arrived, which turned out to be intriguing!



The hotel in which I stayed was Adhistana Hotel, located at Prawirotaman Street, quite a strategic location. Adhistana has a very homey nuance, typical Javanese house vibe. Plus, it is actually picturesque.



Top Lulu Lutfi Labibi // Outerwear CIEL // Bottom ZARA // Shoes Mader Official  // Bag Goyard

Lulu Lutfi Labibi. Located at Kota Gede, Lulu Lutfi Labibi’s studio is a must visit for you quirky babes who love contemporary lurik clothes. Lulu Lutfi Labibi lifts ethnic fashion to the next level. His pieces are extraordinary with drapery and asymmetrical cutting.

Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo. My sister and I rented a car to explore the city’s tourist spot. She drove of course. Most of the spots were located outside the city, approximately one up to two hours. First, we stopped by a sand dune named Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo. It was an area close to the beach, where a bunch of sand laid on the land. I think the way I describe it… reflecting the reality.

Top ZARA // Bottom ZARA // Shoes Mader Official  // Bag Goyard

Sanglen Beach. Not so far from the sand dune, there are several accessible beaches. We must be careful in choosing which beach to visit because in peak holiday season, the beaches tend to be uncomfortably crowded. We chose Pantai Sanglen as it was claimed by locals to be more clean and less hustle. Nonetheless, the access was not fully facilitated. There were harsh rocks in the vicinity and narrow road that barely fit for one small car. However after a grueling trip, the view was breathtaking. The beach was clearly a lit tropical vibe.



Tamansari Water Castle. Basically, Tamansari Water Castle is a historical landmark at the heart of the city. It was originally a former royal garden, specifically a bathing palace for Sultanate of Yogyakarta.

My review? This place was actually a bit creepy, even though I visited during the afternoon. I could sense something eerie when I entered the cave room. Lol please ignore my anxiety. However, the weather of Yogyakarta itself was very warm. But the heat was even more burning in Tamansari Water Palace, I don’t know why. So put on your thin, flowy clothes. For you skin-care concern babe as I am, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from intense sun exposure.


Canting. If you look for a great restaurant to chill at night, I recommend you to visit Canting. This restaurant has obviously has satisfying range of menu; delectable food and beverage. How about the price? Absolutely affordable compared to those hefty priced food in my hometown, Jakarta.

Lokal Restaurant. I also had dinner at Lokal Restaurant, located at Jembatan Merah Street. It is actually a part of Lokal Hotel. The place has a vibrant atmosphere. Food choice is fine. Approved place for a nice chat and hang out.

Il Tempo Del Gelato. I have not had chance to photograph the super decent gelato here because of the crowd. Seriously guys, you must willing to queue for almost an hour for a cone of gelato. Yes because people will immediately point their finger here when you say gelato in the town. Like Gusto to Bali.


Top Vintage Treasure

Yats Colony. Similar to Lokal Restaurant, actually Yats Colony is a hotel and we had lunch in its restaurant. Actually, this was our first choice of hotel before we booked Adhistana. We failed to secure a room because Yats was fully booked until August. Like, for real? We were so curious and finally could see why it was full booked when we had a chance to visit.

Ruang Seduh. This is a quite well-known coffee place in town, actually the same one as Ruang Seduh at Kemang, Jakarta. The place was aesthetically pleasing. Coffee was good, accompanied by great music played from their Audio Technica.

Now I think of wandering to more cities for local holiday. Happy traveling!


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